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At Hand in Hand Health, we strive to be our parents’ trusted brand of choice to navigate their healthcare wants and needs.
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The Problem

Turning 65 Should Not Be A Problem

As thousands of Americans turn 65 daily, each faces a daunting number of decisions related to their healthcare wants and needs, all of which are further complicated by the growing number and complexity of payer, provider, and point solutions.

Incumbent and new entrants have by and large responded to our parents coming-of-retirement-age moment with massive investment in growing, serving, and supporting Medicare Advantage consumers over the past two decades, though these solutions leave tens of millions of our parents underserved.
10 K
Every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65, a date most frequently correlated with becoming Medicare-eligible
50 +
Private Medicare-related plan options the average senior has across Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Plan D Offerings
37 M
American seniors on traditional Medicare, who are unserved by MA-focused payer, provider, and point solutions
Why We Exist

A Note From Our Founder

There is very little, if anything, in life that matters more to each of us than the health and wellbeing of those we love. And yet, the focus of US healthcare can sometimes be more about building and measuring the system or the product or the attributed lives, not improving the quality of life of the people most important to us.

Hand in Hand Health's mission is to build our parents' trusted brand of choice to navigate their healthcare wants and needs. It's a mission deeply personal to me, as I know it is to many who read these words. As both an industry insider and a child of a parent enjoying his mid-60's, I know the need for and importance of an organization that has my father's health and wellbeing, and that of each individual served, as its north star.

There will be more to come about Hand in Hand Health in the months ahead. Most importantly, however, I humbly ask you to join us in our pursuit of putting the health and wellbeing of our parents first.

Our Mission
Building Our Parents’ Trusted Brand of Choice To Navigate Their Healthcare Wants and Needs.
Our Vision
Each of Our Parents Has the Confidence and Resources to Live Happily, Healthily, and Securely.
Our Values
Aspiration, Commitment, Empathy, Passion, Teamwork, Trust.
Team Of Experts

Meet Our Team

It is clear to us that our healthcare system leaves many of our parents’ healthcare wants and needs underserved. So we’ve brought together a highly talented, compassionate group of individuals who are personally committed to improving the health and, in turn, the lives of our parents as they age, hand in hand with each other and every aging parent who we serve. That is the Hand in Hand Health way.
Bret Voith
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Bright Health, Bain Capital
Brian Beutner
Bright Health, UnitedHealth Group
Rachel Winokur
Bright Health, Aetna

Join Our Team

At Hand in Hand Health, we are dedicated to building the best team, full of diverse perspectives, from a variety of backgrounds, and representative of a full range of populations we intend to serve.

While our team is based in New York City, we encourage individuals from all geographies to consider remote opportunities with us. If joining our team is of interest, we’d welcome you to reach out to us.
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